Would you like your child enjoy a lifelong love of learning?
Investing in core subject tuition early helps to pave the way for a better future for your child.

The Swift way of tutoring creates a solid educational foundation early in a child’s academic journey. Learning takes children on an amazing journey; learning helps to create a more meaningful life for your child now and in the future.

It has long been scientifically proven that the optimum time for learning is between the ages of 3 – 10 when children have an accelerated capacity for learning new information. We know that if you can capture a child’s interest and imagination in a meaningful way at KS2 you can help raise a generation of young learners who will face a better future.

Core literacy and numeracy are vital at KS2 and we provide support through this stage right up to Year 6 SATs. This will determine what levels your child leaves primary school with. Ensure that you equip your child with the academic toolkit to meet the challenges of secondary school with confidence.


We support students by providing a personalized, targeted, curriculum based learning package. We cover the literacy requirements and beyond by ensuring that pupils understand effective punctuation, spelling, grammar, parts of speech and how to use them such as adverbs, verbs, nouns, imagery, literary techniques and their effects. Guided, meticulous comprehension skills are an area of expertise we pride ourselves on together with superb creative writing skills as we run writing competitions, workshops and revision boot camps in the Easter and summer holidays.


We cover how to approach mathematics in a fun, meaningful and hands on way by exploring user friendly proven methods and strategies for problem solving. Some of the mathematical skills we cover includes time, multiplication, division, equations, square numbers, factors, prime numbers, place value, addition, subtraction, worded problems, data handing including charts and graphs, fractions, decimals, percentages, ration, proportion, area and perimeter, 2D and 3D shapes, angles, estimating, symmetry, coordinates, mental maths, venn diagrams, pie charts, line graphs, money problems, algebra, mean, mode, median and range, investigation of more complex two three and four step problems.


Did you know that you only get one chance to sit the 11+?

What this means is that you need to get it right: this means planning ahead properly. Pupils in Year 4 and 5 should start studying for this challenging examination early. This also means getting the right tutor for your child, an educator who excels in raising confident learners who feel that they are ready to succeed at this level. Many of our former pupils gained entry into some of the top performing local grammar schools including The Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, Adams Grammar, Wolverhampton Grammar School, Kind Edwards in Birmingham and Queen Mary’s. We are intensely proud of our committed, conscientious and hard-working pupils who managed to attain results in the top 10 highest scores.

At Swift Tutors we believe in the 4 Rs: Rapport, Regularity, Revision, Results. Our tutors know how important it is to establish an excellent pupil/tutor rapport to ensure that younger pupils effectively and fully engage with learning the skills required of the 11+. Regular study and revision of the topics of Non Verbal reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, maths and English are essential. Results are then achieved through consistent study combined with superb tuition.

We help to develop children who are critical thinkers and who are able to think deeply about a subject and not only interpret information presented to them, but carefully explore it both analytically and independently.


GCSEs are still the door opening currency essential for today’s competitive world. The benchmark for gaining a place in sixth form, college, apprenticeships is still 5 GCSEs including maths, English and science at level 4/5 minimum. Engaging, effective and consistent study and revision combined with professional, personalized tuition will ensure that you gain those all-important results.

GCSE grades of B or higher are often required for A level courses therefore you need to ensure that you get it right. The government expects students to have a level 4/5 in English and maths therefore this means retaking these GCSEs until you attain the required result.

How can we help you?

At Swift Tutors we focus on the core subjects of English Language, Literature, maths and triple science. Our tutors provide excellent quality tuition that gets the results. Other subjects are tutored upon request including history, business studies, citizenship, psychology and sociology.
We offer local Wolverhampton tuition on both a one to one and small group basis.


Do you want to study for a degree at university? Perhaps you have what it takes to study at a Russell Group university or study law or medicine?
If your answer is yes then you will need to secure the highest possible A level results. At Intuition Tutors we value the high level of importance attached to the top grades at A level. We recognize that they are your passport to success – A levels are your passport to university. Many students are opting to study for tougher subjects like chemistry, physics, maths, English literature and language and foreign languages.

We teach to the exam and how to successfully tackle the trickier questions by exploring the examination criteria and mark schemes. With access to past papers and numerous specialized learning resources we can help you achieve success at this level.

Developing the ability to think critically and analytically are crucial academic skills at this challenging level of study. We will help you hone and craft these skills in a meaningful way, in a way that you can fully understand and apply to your own personal study.

Our expert tutors are HODs in schools; they are also examiners with years of teaching and assessment experience, especially for Edexcel, OCR and AQA examination boards.


Are you an adult learning who wants to change your career path, increase your earnings or set up a business?
Whether you are studying GCSEs, A levels or a degree or postgraduate course we can help.

Adults courses are offered on a one to one basis in the following subjects:
Maths, English and science GCSEs, other subjects are available
English and numeracy QTS test for teacher training courses
Essay writing and how to write effective assignments at university level
Help with dissertations
Study skills.