Imagine the possibilities …For GCSE Tuition as Individual as You Are

Does your child need tuition for their GCSEs? Our tailored, targeted tuition supports students during this crucial part of their secondary education.

Just give the team a call on 07446031390 to discuss your GCSE tuition requirements. We will support your child by ensuring that they learn, revise and refine to consolidate their learning. Students feel supported throughout their GCSE years and gain the confidence that comes from practising past papers, using revision cards effectively and applying the exam strategies that examiners look for .

At the end of KS4 in Year 11 your child will set a set of GCSE examinations. Colleges, sixth forms and apprenticeship providers will often require a minimum of 5 good GCSE passes at level 4/5  which is the equivalent to a C, with many requiring a level 6 – 8. Many A level courses and universities require level 6 in maths and English to secure a place. The most prestigious universities such as The Russell Group universities will often look at GCSE results as well as A level grades.

At Swift Tutors we have an unrivaled high pass rate for English, maths and science, history and geography. Tuition is either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. Our GCSE tuition is very focused: – we provide small class tuition and individual tuition in many subjects but our main area of expertise covers the core GCSE subjects:

Triple Science


Our physics tuition is tailored to meet your child’s needs and taught in a way that they can understand. Difficult concepts and aspects of physics are broken down into manageable chunks making it easier to understand. Once a sound knowledge has been established we focus on working through a broad selection of past GCSE physics exam papers to ensure that students fully appreciate what to expect on examination day, and more importantly, how to approach the exam questions with confidence, insight and better understanding. We teach students how to identify patterns within the questions that help them unlock the right answer.


This subject is taught in a way that students can fully engage with. GCSE biology requires a significant specialist vocabulary and a solid knowledge of how to answer questions appropriately and effectively for maximum marks. At Swift Tutors we teach students how to successfully approach an exam paper with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, energy and insight.


Chemistry can be challenging for some students and our chemistry tutors know this. We have some effective, efficient tools on how to master chemistry questions within a set time frame under exam pressure. We cover all the key areas within the chemistry GCSE curriculum in a way that is enjoyable and engaging. Providing clear, concise and easy to understand explanations is a core part of how we approach this subject.


GCSE MATHS TUITION – our maths tuition will help you to unlock the best methods of answering the tricky GCSE exam questions in a way that is effective, fast and efficient. Our maths tuition includes all the main elements of the maths GCSE curriculum and we teach you how to master maths GCSE. As part of our method we teach timing skills, how to revise, combined with fast and proven methods for swift and accurate working out of several step problems. We also provide tuition in algebra, we help you develop mental maths skills as well as many other keys aspects involved in gaining a high grade at this level. 

Our GCSE Maths tutors tailor their lesson content to reflect the requirements of the examination board that the student is working to and we provide an assessment that identifies knowledge gaps so that we can tailor the tuition accordingly. The key areas that will be covered for all pupils include:

  • 1 Number
    • Whole Numbers
    • Fractions
    • Decimals
    • Fraction / Decimal / Percentage Conversion
    • Approximation
    • Multiples and Factors
    • Indices
    • Standard Form
    • Surds
    • Financial Mathematics
  • 2 Algebra
    • Expressions
    • Formulae
    • Linear Equations
    • Simultaneous Equations
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Inequalities
    • Sequences
    • Straight Line Graphs
    • Other Graphs
    • Transformation of Curves
    • Algebraic Fractions
    • Using and Interpreting Graphs
  • 4 Geometry and measures
    • Anglee, Lines and Polygons
    • Loci and Constructions
    • 2D Shapes
    • 3D Shapes
    • Circles, Sectors and Arcs
    • Circle Theorems
    • Transformations
    • Pythagoras’ Theorum
    • Measurement
    • Trigonometry
    • Vectors
  • 5 Probability
    • Data Collection
    • Data Representation
    • Data Analysis


English Language and English Literature at GCSE level can be challenging for many students. The coursework element has been replaced by an additional examination. Students are taught how to approach essay writing using PEE, PEAL, PETER, PETAL and SQUID chains which develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.
During a course of English Language and Literature GCSE tuition our English tutors emphasize the importance of using the correct language terminology, and how to effectively comment, analyse and explain the effect of the writer’s techniques. We are also specialists in how to answer the structure and creative questions properly for maximum marks; we understand how students learn differently.

For non-fiction written tasks such as letters, reports, speech writing and articles we use DAFOREST; we have extended this technique by added new dimensions which fit perfectly with the new style GCSE 9-1 grading system.

Students of English GCSE will learn:

  • How to effectively plan essays and assignments, including how to master engaging introductions and effective conclusions
  • How to enhance the crucial exam timing skills by participating in our mock examination and timed essay lessons and workshops
  • Essay writing techniques and how to write convincingly with flair and style for a diverse range of audiences and readers
  • The art of using a wide ranging, advanced and engaging vocabulary for attaining maximum GCSE marks
  • How to successfully learn concise quotes from their set texts and poetry anthologies
  • The different range of language and rhetorical features, and how to locate, identify and analyse them within a non-fiction text, modern or 19th century fiction prose text, play or poem
  • Develop an extensive, sophisticated vocabulary range required for GCSE English
  • The skills needed to excel in their use of SPAG
  • The key assessment focuses that examiners are looking for when they award the higher grades of level 7-9
  • All examination boards and syllabuses are covered including OCR, AQA, Edexcel and Eduquas.

Changes to GCSEs and how this impacts on your child

GCSEs are the foundation stone of education at secondary school level; they are the door opening qualifications of the 21st century and provide your teenager with the essential credentials to progress to school sixth form, college courses or apprenticeships.

In 2017 maths and English  GCSEs changed their grading system to levels 9 – 1, with 9 being the highest award. We provide KS4 students and parents with the crucial knowledge relating to these changes.

Securing the best grades in maths, English and science at GCSE has never been more important, as employers and universities often look for level 5 or 6 as a minimum requirement for certain high demand courses including teaching, medicine, law and business.