Creative writing skills are incorporated into English lessons, however with the new GCSE English Language specification change of 2017, there is a greater demand for students to hone their creative writing ability. We are now running specialist Creative Writing Workshops which are led by an experienced teacher and short story writer.





The content of the workshops will focus on:

The Secret: Writers Show They Don’t Tell


  • Enhancing your writing by incorporating vivid imagery
  • How to effectively use the 5 senses to transport your reader into your story
  • Ways of writing about diverse settings
  • The fascinating techniques professional writers use to build suspense and tension
  • How to write using different narrative techniques and voices
  • How to build up and develop interesting story openings, characters, plots, dramatic twists and stunning endings
  • The importance of diverse, unusual sentence openers
  • The range and impact of structure, setting and style
  • The importance of including varying sentence types to create different effects
  • How to show things rather than explicitly explain.